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Mass shootings in the last decade have sadly caused much loss of life and instilled fear in many. While traditional types of insurance coverage can offer some protection for businesses and workers that could be targeted in these forms of attacks, they might have considerable gaps. To cover possible gaps, leading carriers came up with a new kind of insurance for mitigating the risks of active assailants. At Laurence Taylor Insurance Services, we specialize in active assailant insurance to aid organizations in addressing these unfortunate and growing threats.

What Is Active Assailant Coverage?

An active assailant incident is a situation where one or more people actively use weapons to attempt to kill people in a populated location. With the increase in malicious workplace violence and mass shootings, many organizations now consider shooting a real possibility hence the need for insurance for active shooter.

Active assailant coverage, also called active shooter coverage or armed assailant insurance, provides a combination of casualty and property coverage. It complements both property and general liability coverage already bought by most businesses and adds an extra layer of protection against the risk of assailants.

What To Look For When Purchasing An Active Assailant Policy

There are different active assailant insurance policies from commercial insurers. Here are some of the important things to look for in an active assailant policy:

Primary Coverage

This policy starts right away and doesn’t wait for the other coverage to be exhausted. Time is of the essence in an active assailant incident – responding promptly helps save lives and reduce injuries and can even lessen the severity of the damage awards.

Third-Party Liability Protection

If injured parties or their family members file a successful lawsuit against your business, the insurance can pay the settlement up to the policy’s limit. The plan can also cover any medical or funeral expenses arising from the incident and death benefits to the survivors. The randomness of active assailants and potential victims needs a policy that includes this type of coverage.

Medical Expenses

The plan can pay for the medical expenses of the victims of an active assailant. Additionally, it covers counseling and psychiatric care for victims traumatized by the incident.

General Liability

Covers third-party property damage and bodily injury.


If a victim thinks you fell short of your duty of care, they may sue you. In such a case, this policy can cover legal fees.

Lawsuit Coverage Above Defense Costs

If a policy only covers the defense costs, you should consider this kind of coverage. Assailants can maim or kill victims, which can lead to six or seven-figure damage awards. A lawsuit coverage above defense costs covers judgments and damages in addition to defense costs.

Remember to pay attention to policy language, which might include "active assailant," "deadly weapon protection," or "workplace violence." You want active assailant coverage that isn't limited to gunfire. It should cover many other weapons, which can also be deadly such as homemade bombs and knives.

Best-In-Class Active Assailant Coverage

If you feel you might be exposed to an active assailant risk, we’re here for you. At Laurence Taylor Insurance Services, we’re a leading insurance provider for active shooter scenario. We can help you evaluate your specific situation and recommend the most ideal active assailant insurance. Apply for coverage now: 213-536-7242.

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