immigration attorney Houston

immigration attorney Houston

The US immigration system is so complex; even a native English speaker can struggle to understand all the documents. Imagine how challenging it is for someone originally from another country whose first language is not English. To handle your case, hire the top immigration attorney in Houston, Fong Ilagan.

Consequences of errors in immigration paperwork

As with any legal paperwork, if there are errors, there are consequences. However, the stakes are even higher with immigration paperwork. If immigration paperwork contains errors, that can mean a person is legally unable to enter the US. Even worse, if a person living here temporarily makes the errors, it means they must leave and return to their native country.

A seasoned immigration attorney is aware of the pitfalls and can help you and your family ensure they present all the documents they need for that scenario. This means if you are applying for a work permit or citizenship, you can be confident you provided the US government with the proper paperwork.

Choosing an immigration lawyer

This decision has a significant impact on so many things for your future. Utilize these tips to pick the best immigration attorney in Houston for your case.

  • Get a referral. If you know other immigrants who used an attorney, ask them who and if the person is good at what they do.
  • Hire an attorney who speaks your language. While you are learning English to fit into the country, there are times when you just need to speak your native language.
  • Don’t go for an attorney who is a bargain. You get what you pay for when it comes to immigration attorneys.
  • Look for an attorney with experience, especially in the particular area you need them for (work visas, citizenship, etc.).

Utilize these tips to find the best lawyer that fits your needs and understands your particular case.

The costs of hiring an immigration attorney

Attorney fees vary from firm to firm. Attorneys with more experience charge more than newer attorneys. You can expect to pay anywhere from $100-$300 per hour at least to meet with your attorney and have them work on your behalf. Fees can charge less for an initial consultation while they assess your case. That initial consultation is roughly $75-$150.

These fees only cover the lawyer for their time. There are additional fees to help file documents that run from $300-$700. You must also pay government agencies like USCIS their fees as well. While this seems expensive, remember one mistake can cost you your chance at citizenship or the ability to live in the US.

Immigration lawyers and their role for a business

Immigration lawyers are invaluable for helping keep families together. The role they perform for businesses isn't always recognized. An immigration lawyer helps companies bring in workers from overseas to fill specific positions. No matter how long they stay in the US, they need a visa and a work permit.

Let Fong Ilagan help you with your immigration issues. Our firm can offer you the best immigration attorney in Houston.

immigration attorney Houston
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immigration attorney Houston
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