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We believe strongly in outpacing, outperforming, and outsmarting the competition.

From our office in Albuquerque, our family run full service law practice is here to help protect you and your family. Nothing is more important than family. If you have suffered a serious personal injury, injury to your property, or a loved one has been killed due to the negligence of others, you need a law firm you can trust to protect your interests and demand justice from those responsible. At Higgins Law in Albuquerque, our family of talented Albuquerque personal injury attorneys, real estate attorneys, and commercial foreclosure defense attorneys have come together to provide families throughout New Mexico with the legal expertise they need to overcome their struggles and get the compensation they deserve.

Higgins Law provides personal injury clients in Albuquerque, Santa Fe, and throughout New Mexico with smart representation. By focusing exclusively on the injured and injury to property, our firm has been able to build a reputation for fierce advocacy and extensive knowledge of the law. Our Albuquerque personal injury attorneys, real estate attorneys, and commercial foreclosure defense attorneys fight to ensure that your rights are upheld and that the person or persons responsible for your injuries or damages are held accountable for their actions.

We come from a long line of attorneys who have honorably served as trial lawyers, judges, state legislators, and US Attorneys.

During John Frank Higgins’s time as a the settlement facilitator for New Mexico’s Second Judicial District Court he directly helped the court resolve hundreds of cases through the mediation process. As a proud graduate of the University of New Mexico Business School and the Trial Lawyers College, which is based on Psychodramatic teachings, founded and directed by the famed trial lawyer Gerry Spence, these experiences have equipped and trained us with cutting edge trial practices and techniques. Our office has had success with judges, juries, and we have helped clients claim countless high dollar trial verdicts, awards, and settlements. We also have extensive experience in appeals at both the State and Federal levels. Our office is licensed in all New Mexico State and Federal New Mexico courts, and also licensed in all State and Federal Court’s in Tennessee, including admission to the 6th circuit federal court, to best serve your needs.

We put all that I have into our client’s cases and we know you will feel confident that we have done everything possible to get out there and win.

We look forward to working with you.


We look forward to helping you with your legal needs