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Car Accident Lawyer Services in Albuquerque

Car Accident Lawyer Services 

If you have been catastrophically injured in a car accident or someone you love has been killed in a car accident, the car accident lawyer services in Albuquerque at Higgins Law Firm have the experience and skill to help you rebuild your life and collect the money you deserve. Car accidents are life-changing. The traumatic nature of the crash itself is just the beginning of what can be an extremely long process. Having to take on the insurance company can be intimidating and insurance companies are known for trying to minimize your injuries as they want you to settle for much less than your claim is worth. Don’t go through this alone; you need a car accident lawyer in Albuquerque that can guide you through the various legal hoops so you can put this crash behind you once and for all. At Higgins Law Firm, you get personalized, focused attention on you and your case. We aren’t a big corporation and we don’t take every case. Higgins Law Firm prides itself on our nationwide network of experts, specialists, and psycho-dramatists. 

You deserve a car accident lawyer in Albuquerque that is skilled in navigating the often confusing legal and insurance process to ensure that you have the best opportunity to get full compensation for your injuries. Before you sign up with the McDonalds of lawyers, contact Higgins Law Firm for the focused, results-driven legal team. We know you by name, and you are more than just a number. With over $1,000,000+ in settlements and at trial, let Higgins law firm’s focused and results-driven legal team fight for you! 

Why Choose Higgins Law Firm:

Car and Truck Accidents in New Mexico – what to expect:

If you are injured or someone you know is hurt or killed in a car accident or truck accident in New Mexico, there are specific actions you should do. 

  • If you are hurt at the scene, get in the ambulance and go to the hospital. Don’t “be a hero” and try and tough out the pain—the insurance company will say later that you weren’t hurt even though the pain from a car or truck accident can emerge days later. Play it safe and get checked out.
  • As soon as you a able to do so, take pictures of your vehicle AND the at fault drivers vehicle. You can use your cellphone to do this. If you don’t get pictures of the car or truck that is in the New Mexico accident, the insurance company will call your crash “low impact” or a “fender bender” when this is not the case. The insurance can try to pay you less.
  • Take pictures of your injuries. 
  • Get a copy of your New Mexico crash report and review it carefully. For more information on how to obtain a crash report click here: https://myaccident.org/new-mexico-accident-reports. There will be witnesses listed on the report that are important for the case. Sometimes our office finds that the information on report is wrong. Although the report isn’t admissible in a New Mexico car accident, the insurance company uses this report to determine who was at fault in the accident. If the report is inaccurate our office will need to help you take the steps to help correct it or locate and interview the witnesses soon after the accident happened. 
  • Should I give the insurance company a recorded statement? It is imperative that you seek legal advice before making any statements, including recorded statements about your personal injury in New Mexico. 
  • Call a New Mexico personal injury lawyer. It is important to research whether or not the Albuquerque car accident attorney you are calling is local. This makes a difference because only New Mexico car accident attorneys know the lay of the land. The other firms that advertise a lot on television have very little interest in our community and even less interest in getting you the results that you deserve. 

If you have been hurt or you know someone that has been killed in a car accident in New Mexico, or a truck accident in New Mexico please call, email, or text our office today for a free consultation at 505-944-5400 or [email protected]. There are no upfront fees for personal injuries caused by car or truck accidents in New Mexico.

Damages for Personal Injury in New Mexico 

Below is a list of types of damages that Higgins Law Firm can help you recover:

  • Physical pain, both past and future
  • Emotional suffering and grief, both past and future
  • Loss of earning capacity, both past and future
  • Loss of wages
  • Health care expenses, both past and future
  • Permanent physical impairment
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Loss of consortium

Based on the above factors, the accident lawyer services of Higgins Law Firm can assess your medical records, bills, police records, and progression or regression of your physical and mental state since the car accident in New Mexico to determine an estimated case value. We can help determine the types of damages that you may be entitled to recover. 

What does a car accident lawyer in New Mexico do for me?

First, your lawyer will assess your case to determine the best approach to win your case.

This includes, but is not limited to the following: 

  • Assessment of your injuries with a thorough case interview, review of medical records and bills
  • Investigation of the scene of the accident
  • Question witnesses
  • Request documentation
  • Work with our nationwide network of experts, specialists, and psycho-dramatists 
  • Review documents, photos, and videos 
  • Reconstruct the scene of the accident, construct the story with you and our team of experts, specialists, and psycho-dramatists to assist in portraying your story with authenticity and expert knowledge. 

Car accident lawyers in Albuquerque NM like those at Higgins Law Firm don’t charge hourly rates or generally any fees at all up front. Instead, we work on what is called a “contingency fee” system, which means that we only get paid if we win your case. Call/text us at 505-944-5400 or email [email protected] for your no risk-free consultation. If we can handle your case, we’ll take care of you. 


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