Wrongful Forclosure

Home Owners to Receive Mortgage Relief

Tennessee homeowners may have their MORTGAGES FORGIVEN or MONEY REFUNDED if they were foreclosed on in Tennessee.

Tennessee homeowners may have their mortgages forgiven, or money returned if they were foreclosed on according to the new bailout for the banks. Tennessee homeowners, mortgage holders, and other people that have timely paid on their mortgages or have been foreclosed on in Tennessee are about to get the same bailout that banks have already enjoyed.

All Tennessee homeowners and mortgage holders may be entitled to have the principle on their mortgages in Tennessee reduced or completely forgiven. Tennessee homeowners may all be given a cash refund to their mortgage if they paid the bank. The refund extends to people who may not even know it.

Tennessee homeowners that were foreclosed on also may get money if they were the subject of a Foreclosure in Tennessee.

Tennessee homeowners were not aware of the banks practices, but the banks have settled as a result of their mortgage practices in Tennessee and across the country. If the amount that the bank took from the homeowner is bigger than what the Government paid the banks to take care of the problem, a private lawsuit being filed is the other option made available by the Government.

There is a lot to know.  Please call me as I can help.

Below is an article that outlines some of the details. There is a huge benefit that is coming to homeowners but if they don’t act now on the new Government bailout of the Banks, Tennessee homeowners and people who were foreclosed on in Tennessee will miss out on what they are owed.


Photo credit: USDAgov / Foter / CC BY-ND