Uncontested & Contested Divorce in Tennessee with Children

Uncontested & Contested Divorce in Tennessee with Children
January 19, 2013 John Frank Higgins

Uncontested Divorce with children in Tennessee, Divorce with children, how much money is this going to cost?

Parents that are getting a divorce in Tennessee with kids want to know how much an Attorney is going to cost. They are often rightfully concerned about money… but also their kids. There is no greater responsibility than the children. Money is important, but it is oftentimes only important because you have the kids in mind. Tennessee Divorces can be expensive. They can be time consuming for the lawyer too. Child support issues and custody disputes can be difficult.
There is hope though.

Sometimes Divorce is brought on by financial troubles. Many people are facing financial troubles and bank owed or other credit card debt. Divorce is legally defined as the- equitable (fair) distribution of DEBTS and Assets. Debts make up a large part of many divorces. Tennessee Divorce (Uncontested Divorce) with kids doesn’t have to be expensive, but you have to be in the right mindset to save time and money on your Divorce. If you can’t then maybe you should reconsider. If it can’t be agreeable, it becomes a Contested Divorce at that point. I will start any uncontested divorce at $500, with kids $300 more (you will be responsible for Court Filing Fees). If all goes smoothly that will be it, but if you aren’t ready for a Divorce and just want to waste time, or the person you are Divorcing fails to see eye to eye, expect to pay more. If you have to pay more, take comfort in knowing that, although I cannot guarantee an outcome, I will put forward my best effort on your behalf and nothing less. I know how to win.